Rob Hardy

Caleb Jones


Contact Info
Contact Page - 706.886.9300

What do you actually do at Ebenezer?
 I lead the Middle School and High School student ministry.  That means sometimes I'm preaching/teaching, sometimes counseling, sometimes being grunt labor, sometimes cleaning up messes (literally and figuratively) and anything in between.

What is your favorite thing about Ebenezer?
The uniqueness.  There are many people from different kinds backgrounds and walks of life.  Toccoa is a small town, so almost everyone is related to everyone in one way or another and some people have lived here all of their lives.  Yet there are people like me who haven't been in Toccoa their whole lives (I think they call them transplants) that they are very accepting of.  Ebenezer is very inter-generational as well.  People have a genuine desire to love on people of all walks of life- new or been around forever, young or old, Christian background or non-Christian background.  

Something we probably didn't know about you:
I played bass in a band in high school called Cross Eyed Pilgrim.  Not a mentally challenged pilgrim, but one who fixes their eyes on the cross of Jesus.

The one food you just cant get enough of:
I'm a sucker (no pun intended) for candy.  Gum, chewy stuff, sour stuff, hard candy, and almost everything.  I'm not huge on chocolate though, just the other stuff.